Apple Music review

applemusicelApple Music is a new live stream app that has recently been released by Apple Inc. The app live streams music and behind the scenes music videos, and introduces Beats 1 radio which is free online streaming of the radio station.

The launch of Apple Music came sooner than expected, especially considering the release of Tidal and their reported rivalry. Apple Music launched in June 2015 and already boasts a subscription of 11 million users, which is impressive considering the growing user demand for cheaper live streaming apps. This, however, could be due to the fact that it has a three-month free trial.

Quite obviously, the app has received mixed reviews. However, it is too soon to pass any hasty judgements. We gave the app a try and here we share both the positive as well as the drawbacks.

First, we have a look at the 5 segments that make up Apple Music:
1. For You: is a bottom tab of music that is based on your likes, it also makes music selections based on the genre selected upon setting up your account
2. New: is a bottom tab in the app where you find recent releases and popular songs
3. Radio: is Apple’s free flagship radio station called Beats 1, and has an array of other radio stations that you can choose from.
4. Connect: is a photo, video and behind the scenes sharing platform where you can follow your favourite artists.
5. My Music: is the hub for all of your locally stored and saved music.


As with all apple products, they do not give anything away for free. You can select an individual or group subscription package which is R59.99 a month for an individual plan or R89.99 for a family plan, which allows up to 6 members. With these subscription plans, you and/or your family are guaranteed unlimited monthly streaming.


Additionally, you will enjoy these top 5 benefits when subscribing to Apple music:
1. A free 3-month membership trial.
2. Flexibility to select genres of music that interest you.
3. If you were previously subscribed to iTunes match, music from your old app will be synced with your Apple Music app.
4. Apple customises the “For You” tab based on the songs, albums and playlists that you’ve previously liked.
5. You are able to purchase music on Apple Music which is unavailable on iTunes.



Like any tech innovation, Apple Music has its drawbacks. The first being that there is no dedicated section for music videos; they are housed under the “New” section, which clutters the segment. You cannot search or find playlists created by other users; you can only listen to Apple created playlists. The app is only available on iOS, Mac, and on PC, and streaming via desktop can be unbearably slow.

Although all the major players in live music streaming offer similar product deals, what distinguishes Apple Music is the user experience.
Take your live streaming experience to new heights, by getting your Apple device today.

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