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Poems on… war

The iliad

War. War never changes. – Fallout War is as old as man. In the deep forests we slew one another with stone and spear. The Bible at times makes a celebration of war: This is what the Lord Almighty says… “Now go and strike Amalek and devote to destruction all that they have. Do not […]

Poems on… Love

Love poems

Love is perceived as the traditional muse of poetry. The experience of love is otherworldly; a rich, almost intoxicating emotion that makes one feel something like a god. Anne Sexton sums it up well in this stanza of her poem “When Man Enters Woman”: This man, this woman with their double hunger, have tried to […]

Poems on… suicide

Anne Sexton great poet and suicide

What Schopenhauer called will to live is the cornerstone of the human condition. Shockingly,  this will is sometimes defeated by a longing for death. The most poignant expression of this longing is suicide. And the conjunct for suicide is perfect hopelessness. This hopelessness conceives fear in the human mind. The creeds of men have fought […]

Poems on… old age

Ozymandius Percy Shelley

Age is just a number, but what a number it is! An integer that holds mortality in summary. A value that walks hand in hand with life and death. No wonder then, that senescence has been a subject of debate among philosophers for ages. “What kind of road it is (old age), rough and difficult, […]

Art with hidden meaning

Michaelangelo's David is a masterpiece

The great artists infused their works with a genius for form, colour,  composition, as well as meaning.. Much has been made of the tones used by van Gogh in his oeuvres, with speculation associating his vibrant palette to mental disease. The placement of the disciples and Christ in The Last Supper of Leonardo is almost an […]

Dru Blair – a brief extrospective

  Have look at the image on the right. Take a closer look.   You can be forgiven for thinking it is a photograph. The pores of the skin are so clear, the eyes are so lucid that surely only a digital medium could capture such definition? But in actuality you are looking at a […]

How to read more

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed and some few to be chewed and digested.”  Sir Francis Bacon   Books are incredible things. Unlike movies or music, which are both passive channels, reading requires active participation of the individual, with each mind having different visualisations and interpretations. What other medium allows one […]

5 great books for Christmas presents

Suzelle DIY best book deals

Books are wonders in themselves. Each one holds a self-contained world with myriad experiences contained therein. While many people prefer gimmicks or gadgets for Christmas, the titles below are the perfect gift for any bookworm.   The Mountain Shadow by David Gregory Roberts   The author David Gregory Roberts and his book Shantaram together form an enigma. The […]

Masters of horror: Movies

Best Horror movies

  “I’ll be right back.”   Never, ever, ever say those words on Halloween,  or in a lonely woodland cabin, or in an abandoned castle.   This is the first law that horror movies teach us. As soon as you say these words, you are dead meat. Also avoid uttering the phrase during a blood […]

Masters of horror: Novels

Best horror novels

Literary historians will tell you that the horror story in its longer form is a relatively recent phenomenon. While there might be some truth in that assertion, it cannot be denied that the gothic novels of Radcliffe and Walpole were popular in the 1700s and no-one can deny the influence of Bram Stoker’s Dracula or Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein during […]