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Pop vs. rock

In this age of digital music, bidorbuyers are still buying music CDs and LPs. Perhaps that’s because we like to touch objects, to amass possessions, or to look at the pretty pictures. Pop and rock lead the list of favourite music genres on bidorbuy, leaving all others far behind. For some mysterious reason, rock is […]

Get crafty with wine corks

wine corks

Wine corks are among the most versatile materials for craft projects. They have a wonderful texture and add a touch of nature to any room.

5 women-themed films

Five of my favourite films with strong female leads.

7 winter reads


Enjoy staying indoors during winter with works of fiction you got on bidorbuy.

Limited edition prints

art print

Buying limited edition prints is a great way to start a collection and to acquire pieces of artwork by famous artists at affordable prices.

Craft projects with pressed plants

craft projects with pressed flowers and leaves

Creating craft projects and works of art with pressed flowers and leaves is a wonderfully absorbing hobby.

Dictionary and thesaurus for brain power


Expanding our vocabulary makes us smarter: it boosts our memory and improves our ability to think and reason.

Great opening lines of great novels


The first line of a novel introduces the theme, sets the tone, prepares the stage for the story and invites the reader to join in.

Why you should watch old classic movies

old film camera

Classic films have withstood the test of time for a reason.

Seashell crafts


Craft projects that involve seashells are really and truly for everyone, because you can make them as simple or as complex as you wish.