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The best position for reading


You can read in almost any position, but there are some rules that readers should adhere in order to avoid neck strain or arm fatigue.

How to craft with broken china

broken china crafts

Believe it or not, there is one small step from “Oops, I broke a plate!” to “Look at my work of art !” With appropriate equipment, some skill and a lot of patience, it is possible to give broken china (or porcelain) a second life. Consider these finished artefacts: Beautiful, aren’t they! Let’s discuss in […]

Transfer your photos to wood

transfer image to wood

Got some time on your hands? Select a few favourite photos and transfer them to wood panels! You will be creating lovely family mementos, and with some practice perhaps even true pieces of art. There are several techniques for transferring images to wood. All of them require three essential components: The wood panel. You can […]

Get crafty with wood blanks

wood blanks

Wood blanks are suitable for a variety of craft projects, from simple to complex.

Collecting art


Everyone can collect art. You don’t need to be an authority on art. You don’t need to have lot of money. All you need is passion – passion for art and passion for collecting. Granted, art collecting requires more effort, forethought and dedication than merely buying a painting or a sculpture to go with your […]

How to write well


With some practice, anyone can read well.

Let’s talk poetry

Week in, week out, a respectable number of books filled with verses find their way from the bidorbuy book section into the hands (and hearts) of readers.

Your tunes, your personality

listening to music

Do you reveal something about yourself by your choice of music?   Apparently, you do, according to the psychologists who have conducted studies focused on the correlation between musical preferences and personality characteristics. Turns out, the world around you can gauge whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, emotional or analytical, creative or not… […]

Adult colouring books

adult colouring books

People report that colouring-in clears the mind, calms the breathing, pushes back anxieties and provides a relief from stress.

The subtle appeal of drawings

drawing by Rembrandt

Though never in the forefront of the visual arts world, drawings have been a steady favourite from the time humans first made linear marks on cave walls.   As simple as this art form is, it still manages to evade strict definitions. Basically, a drawing constitutes of marks left on a surface (usually paper) by […]