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The magic of Adele


Adele’s album 25 has had a big impact on the music industry by encouraging the public to return to buying physical copies.

Music in the movies

music in movies

Movies don’t have the same effect without music.

How to macramé a friendship bracelet

macrame bracelet

How (and why) to macramé a friendship bracelet.

10 animations of 2015

animated films

Which of the animated feature films released in 2015 to watch, which to avoid, plus a look at what the end of the year has in store.     First, a disclaimer: this post was not made with kids in mind. Its target market are serious, discerning grown-ups who go jumping up and down for […]

Knit a pair of mittens


Once you start, you probably won’t be able to stop. Then you can sell your extra mittens on bidorbuy. A pair of hand-knitted mittens is (or should be) the birth right of every child.  Mittens are an essential part of a kid’s wardrobe. Some even say that mittens are a universal symbol for winter time […]

5 books set in Cape Town

Cape Town

A novel by a Nobel laureate, a thriller, a haunting debut novel, a historical novel and a collection of poetry: check our selection of books set in Mother City.   This blog brought to you 5 books set in Joburg a while ago, tipping the scales considerably in favour of business hub of the country. […]

Ideas for your mosaic projects

Almost any surface will look prettier if you stick a few mosaic tiles on it.

5 books set in Joburg


Johannesburg plays an important part in these five novels of our choice.

Judging a book by the cover

  You’ve probably heard it said countless times: you can’t judge a book by the cover.   Well, I am going to suggest to you to do precisely that: to select the next fiction book to read by its cover.   It’s easy to settle upon reading matter if you know the name of the […]

The 10 best movies of 2013

Films have to be entertaining, but the best ones do more than that. They also enlighten; they make us think and stay with us long after the credits have rolled.   With that exalted criteria in mind, I pored over several acclaimed film review websites in search of last year’s best crop. Without further ado, […]