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Getting crafty with it

It’s easy to see why crafting is experiencing an upsurge in popularity – over the last couple of years we’ve all been spending more time at home, and there are only so many series that you can watch. Many people were looking for ways to fill their free time, express their creativity and save money by making their own gifts or home décor items. 

Pablo Picasso, the pioneer

Picasso, a name so well known, it doesn’t need an introduction. Pablo Picasso is considered one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. You could easily say that no artist before Picasso had created such a huge impact in the art industry. Not only did his work have an influence on his contemporaries, […]

Limited edition prints

art print

Buying limited edition prints is a great way to start a collection and to acquire pieces of artwork by famous artists at affordable prices.

The mystery of van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh is famous due to his unique paintings and style of work. This 19th century painter is also shrouded in mystery, due to his bizarre actions such as cutting off his own ear and taking his life at the age of 37. So I think it’s only fitting to find out why van […]

Art with hidden meaning

Michaelangelo's David is a masterpiece

The great artists infused their works with a genius for form, colour,  composition, as well as meaning.. Much has been made of the tones used by van Gogh in his oeuvres, with speculation associating his vibrant palette to mental disease. The placement of the disciples and Christ in The Last Supper of Leonardo is almost an […]

Collecting art


Everyone can collect art. You don’t need to be an authority on art. You don’t need to have lot of money. All you need is passion – passion for art and passion for collecting. Granted, art collecting requires more effort, forethought and dedication than merely buying a painting or a sculpture to go with your […]

Dru Blair – a brief extrospective

  Have look at the image on the right. Take a closer look.   You can be forgiven for thinking it is a photograph. The pores of the skin are so clear, the eyes are so lucid that surely only a digital medium could capture such definition? But in actuality you are looking at a […]

The subtle appeal of drawings

drawing by Rembrandt

Though never in the forefront of the visual arts world, drawings have been a steady favourite from the time humans first made linear marks on cave walls.   As simple as this art form is, it still manages to evade strict definitions. Basically, a drawing constitutes of marks left on a surface (usually paper) by […]

Styles in modern painting

painting styles

Art and the many styles of painting serve to illustrate our belief systems, politics and every other imaginable socio-economical influence at the time of production. For this reason, people are and always will be baffled, amazed and in awe of art.   Each new genre leads on from or reacts to the previous, thereby forging […]

Old masters: David

The 18th century gave birth to the modern world, but it proved to be a most bellicose and disturbing parent, for this period proved to be the climax of more than a millennium of serfdom, church control and totalitarianism.     In  France, the peasants marched on Paris, citizens stormed the Bastille, the army turned […]