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Old masters: Goya

Spain has been a great contributor to Western art. Spanish artists were influenced by the Renaissance movements of Italy, the flourishing of French art, as well as by their Moorish heritage.     When one speaks of Spanish art three principle figures spring to mind: El Greco, Velasquez and Goya. And when one thinks of […]

What is an original print?

The world of art can be somewhat confusing to those less familiar with some of the jargon of the trade. The complexity increases when artistic reproductions enter the foray – adding to the confusion over what exactly counts as an original.   In terms of paintings, defining an original is relatively simple in that if […]

Storm Thorgerson Dies

Chances are that if you don’t recognise the name Storm Thorgerson, you will definitely remember his work. Storm Thorgerson was an English graphic designer who has worked with some of the world’s most famous musicians. Arguably, Storm Thorgerson’s most famous work is the iconic cover of Pink Floyd’sĀ album Dark Side of the Moon. The cover […]

What kind of art sells

Some subject matters are more appealing to art buyers than others. Read on to find out more.

Art for fundraising

The proceeds are to help the PSI “adopt” one leopard in order to monitor its movement and gain insight into the complex behaviour of these beautiful animals.

An artist, and a bidorbuy entrepreneur

Mike Taljaard used to struggle to sell his art. Today, he enjoys internet fame and is one of the most sought-after artists on bidorbuy.

Marvellous mosaic

The versatile mosaic can transfer a humble object into a thing of beauty.

Choosing a colour for an accent wall

Looking to redecorate your bedroom? Try painting an accent wall… here are a few tips on how to easily bring your room to life again.

How to arrange a photo wall

Create a gorgeous photo wall of your loved ones in your home. We’ll show you how.

Furnish your living room on bidorbuy

You can do it on the cheap side, or you can splash out. In an average week (we looked at the one ending 6 September), bidorbuyers bought over 850 pieces of furniture for dining and living room. Among other things, you bought: four TV cabinets or LCD stands, nine ottoman storage sets (ah, we all […]