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Poems on… old age

Ozymandius Percy Shelley

Age is just a number, but what a number it is! An integer that holds mortality in summary. A value that walks hand in hand with life and death. No wonder then, that senescence has been a subject of debate among philosophers for ages. “What kind of road it is (old age), rough and difficult, […]

Great opening lines of great novels


The first line of a novel introduces the theme, sets the tone, prepares the stage for the story and invites the reader to join in.

The best position for reading


You can read in almost any position, but there are some rules that readers should adhere in order to avoid neck strain or arm fatigue.

How to write well


With some practice, anyone can read well.

Let’s talk poetry

Week in, week out, a respectable number of books filled with verses find their way from the bidorbuy book section into the hands (and hearts) of readers.

Summer holiday reads 2016

Summer Holiday Reads 2016

Four books to pack for your summer holiday.   Searching for a book to read on the beach? When the year goes by far too quickly, the last thing you want to do is spend your well-deserved break reading a book that is anything less than great. So I’ve taken all the work out of […]

Adult colouring books

adult colouring books

People report that colouring-in clears the mind, calms the breathing, pushes back anxieties and provides a relief from stress.

How to read more

“Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed and some few to be chewed and digested.”  Sir Francis Bacon   Books are incredible things. Unlike movies or music, which are both passive channels, reading requires active participation of the individual, with each mind having different visualisations and interpretations. What other medium allows one […]

5 great books for Christmas presents

Suzelle DIY best book deals

Books are wonders in themselves. Each one holds a self-contained world with myriad experiences contained therein. While many people prefer gimmicks or gadgets for Christmas, the titles below are the perfect gift for any bookworm.   The Mountain Shadow by David Gregory Roberts   The author David Gregory Roberts and his book Shantaram together form an enigma. The […]

Masters of horror: Novels

Best horror novels

Literary historians will tell you that the horror story in its longer form is a relatively recent phenomenon. While there might be some truth in that assertion, it cannot be denied that the gothic novels of Radcliffe and Walpole were popular in the 1700s and no-one can deny the influence of Bram Stoker’s Dracula or Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein during […]