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Tools for drawing

There are various tools that you will need to invest in before you can start drawing.   First, you need something to draw with. Pencils come in different  graphite grading scales, known as the HB scales.  All pencils have numbers and letters somewhere on the them to let you know how dark or light they […]

How to macramé a friendship bracelet

macrame bracelet

How (and why) to macramé a friendship bracelet.

Knit a pair of mittens


Once you start, you probably won’t be able to stop. Then you can sell your extra mittens on bidorbuy. A pair of hand-knitted mittens is (or should be) the birth right of every child.  Mittens are an essential part of a kid’s wardrobe. Some even say that mittens are a universal symbol for winter time […]

How to crochet a doily


It’s a long time since doilies have been considered in vogue. The small crocheted decorative mats were used to protect surfaces such as arm and headrests in homes of grandmothers the world over. These days, however, with the help of crafty platforms such as Pinterest, people all over have reignited their interest in this skilful […]

Ideas for your mosaic projects

Almost any surface will look prettier if you stick a few mosaic tiles on it.

Amazing DIY Valentine gift ideas

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, everyone is looking for a special gift that shows the extra effort and thought put into choosing it. Somewhere in the world two friends will receive identical gifts from their unknowing partners because of recycled gift ideas. To avoid the embarrassments, why don’t you make a personal and […]

How to make a wooden storage box

Wooden storage boxes always come in handy when you want to tidy up clutter in your home or just to store stuff that you rarely use. They could be expensive, especially when the box is brand new. However, making your own storage box is not expensive and it’s easy as ABC.   That might be […]

Choosing a colour for an accent wall

Looking to redecorate your bedroom? Try painting an accent wall… here are a few tips on how to easily bring your room to life again.

Mastering the colour wheel

Shopping decisions are often based on visual effect, most notably the colour. When you as bidorbuy seller set about choosing the colour palette for your listings, forget your personal preferences. Instead, concentrate on what kind of message a specific colour sends to the visitors of your page. Let’s examine the most commonly accepted meaning of […]

Creative forces

Art and crafts are closely related activities. For the most part of history (up to the 16th century, some say), no one made a distinction between the two. In some cultures, the unity persists to this day. And even in cultures where art and crafts have been separated, there is no consensus on what is […]