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Benefits of playing an instrument

If you’re looking to have some fun with strings attached, or you can’t get enough of your keyboard, it could be time to enjoy the benefits of learning to play a musical instrument. Encore! Perhaps you (and your parents) are still traumatised by your childhood attempts to master the violin. Learning (or remembering) to play […]

Pop vs. rock

In this age of digital music, bidorbuyers are still buying music CDs and LPs. Perhaps that’s because we like to touch objects, to amass possessions, or to look at the pretty pictures. Pop and rock lead the list of favourite music genres on bidorbuy, leaving all others far behind. For some mysterious reason, rock is […]

The 27 club

Have you heard of the 27 club? It is the unofficial name given to artists (musicians, actors, painters) who tragically died at the young age of 27. It is a very sad thing, especially considering the amount of extraordinary talent lost at such a young age. There isn’t a particular statistic that shows people are […]

How music affects your brain

Most of us listen to music, even though it might be different kinds of music. Some genres we love, some leave us indifferent  and some we hate. We can’t all like the same music. This blog post is designed to look into the effects of music on your brain and how different types of music […]

Local music vs international music

Top South African Artists

On 12 May 2016, the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) committed itself to playing 90% local music across the 18 radio stations (public broadcasters)in South Africa. This came after a couple of local artists complained about the lack of South African content on local radio stations. The SABC then decided it was necessary to nurture […]

AudioMart awards you!

Congratulations to Christelle Erasmus and Ilze Gelderblom. They are the lucky winners  in the AudioMart competition and they will receive their own SYNQ HPS.2 headphones valued at R1499 each.     AudioMart are so passionate about music that they want to give back to their loyal buyers. They decided to give away two SYNQ HPS.2 headphones valued at […]

Your tunes, your personality

listening to music

Do you reveal something about yourself by your choice of music?   Apparently, you do, according to the psychologists who have conducted studies focused on the correlation between musical preferences and personality characteristics. Turns out, the world around you can gauge whether you are an extrovert or an introvert, emotional or analytical, creative or not… […]

SoundSelect competition

Congratulations to Livia Fourie and Marilise Odendaal They are the lucky winners  in the SoundSelect competition. They will receive their own ZOOM Q2HD Handy Video Recorders worth R3 299 each.   SoundSelect wants to give back to their loyal customers and has decided to give away two ZOOM Q2HD Handy Video Recorders worth R3 299 each. […]

How to DJ like a pro

Do you have time over the weekends? Have you been thinking about how to make extra cash with the one thing you love the most – music? Ever thought you will stand on the stage and control a crowd with your own music? Something you created? Have you been making your own mix-tape of all […]

The magic of Adele


Adele’s album 25 has had a big impact on the music industry by encouraging the public to return to buying physical copies.