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Music in the movies

music in movies

Movies don’t have the same effect without music.

Apple Music review

Apple Music is a new live stream app that has recently been released by Apple Inc. The app live streams music and behind the scenes music videos, and introduces Beats 1 radio which is free online streaming of the radio station.   The launch of Apple Music came sooner than expected, especially considering the release […]

One Direction: Need to know

For every drop in the ocean there is a boyband that never made it. One Direction however, have defied the odds and rocketed to stardom almost overnight. Now on their fourth album, they are showing no signs of slowing down.   The history of One Direction   The English-Irish boy band; One Direction, owes its […]

Do album sales matter?

music albums

Several factors need to be taken into consideration when talking about what defines an album as successful.   In the world of music, we generally gauge the success of musicians by their album sales. Often, the bestselling music is considered popular music, but that doesn’t mean that popular music comprises of only the pop music […]

In music, local is lekker

Freshlyground music group

If the South African Music Awards (SAMAs) are anything to go by, the South African music scene is bursting with talent.

Vinyl makes a record comeback

There have been debates about the merits and weaknesses of vinyl recordings vs. digital since the first commercial CD player rolled out in the early ‘80s, and digital has been the clear winner. But funny things have been happening lately.   The vinyl records are experiencing a revival and some are even talking about a […]

10 most popular South African songs of 2013

South Africa has richly diverse music genres, which range from rock to house, kwaito to mbaqanga, pop to hip hop and jazz to fusion. Our compilation of the 10 most popular South African songs in 2013 is a way of celebrating this diversity and of congratulating the local artists who shared their craft with us all year. The songs on this list became anthems at […]

Music to relax by

Do you know that listening to music is the best (and cheapest) way to relax?   A couple of years ago, a group of scientist did a whole study to find out which songs are the best stress-beaters. Here is their verdict, the 10 most relaxing arias of all times:   Marconi Union: Weightless Airstream: […]

Bieber fever comes to bidorbuy

One of the great things about bidorbuy is the fascinating  myriad of different products and one-of-a-kind collectable items that often find their way into our listing pages.   Previously, we have had items such as the Mandela Treasure, a cast of Tata’s hands made out of almost 10 kilograms of solid gold. This week, we […]

Top 10 of 10 years ago

Muse - Absolution

The world as we know it changes at a phenomenal pace. With new inventions being released everyday, technological ‘revolutions’ occurring at a faster rate than ever, and the pace of life constantly quickening a moment of reflection is always a welcome getaway. Today we are reflecting on the music of yesteryear, 2003 to be specific, by […]