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Getting crafty with it

It’s easy to see why crafting is experiencing an upsurge in popularity – over the last couple of years we’ve all been spending more time at home, and there are only so many series that you can watch. Many people were looking for ways to fill their free time, express their creativity and save money by making their own gifts or home décor items. 

Buy it, make it, sell it

With bidorbuy’s great selection of crafting equipment and supplies, you can get artistic at home – and even sell your creations on our site.

Craft projects with pressed plants

craft projects with pressed flowers and leaves

Creating craft projects and works of art with pressed flowers and leaves is a wonderfully absorbing hobby.

Seashell crafts


Craft projects that involve seashells are really and truly for everyone, because you can make them as simple or as complex as you wish.

How to craft with broken china

broken china crafts

Believe it or not, there is one small step from “Oops, I broke a plate!” to “Look at my work of art !” With appropriate equipment, some skill and a lot of patience, it is possible to give broken china (or porcelain) a second life. Consider these finished artefacts: Beautiful, aren’t they! Let’s discuss in […]

Transfer your photos to wood

transfer image to wood

Got some time on your hands? Select a few favourite photos and transfer them to wood panels! You will be creating lovely family mementos, and with some practice perhaps even true pieces of art. There are several techniques for transferring images to wood. All of them require three essential components: The wood panel. You can […]

Get crafty with wood blanks

wood blanks

Wood blanks are suitable for a variety of craft projects, from simple to complex.

How to macramé a friendship bracelet

macrame bracelet

How (and why) to macramé a friendship bracelet.

Knit a pair of mittens


Once you start, you probably won’t be able to stop. Then you can sell your extra mittens on bidorbuy. A pair of hand-knitted mittens is (or should be) the birth right of every child.  Mittens are an essential part of a kid’s wardrobe. Some even say that mittens are a universal symbol for winter time […]

How to crochet a doily


It’s a long time since doilies have been considered in vogue. The small crocheted decorative mats were used to protect surfaces such as arm and headrests in homes of grandmothers the world over. These days, however, with the help of crafty platforms such as Pinterest, people all over have reignited their interest in this skilful […]