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Librarian’s Choice: Banned Books

The reason that banned books, even those that are no longer banned, are so interesting to us is that they reflect a friction in the times; a need to talk about an issue that has been lying beneath the surface of public discussion and finds a voice in the stories of literature. It is a need to explore life, even […]

The Librarian’s Choice: April

Besides being a brave experiment in linguistics, A Clockwork Orange is also a fascinating discussion about issues of free will. The story follows 15 year old Alex and his gang, through their adventures of rape, robbery, assault and murder in London’s dystopian but not-so-distant future. Alex narrates his tale to us in Nadsat slang, an […]

The Librarian’s Choice: February

February’s choice is a romance novel most obviously because Valentine’s day is in February. But, to be contrary, it’s not your typical love story. The Lotus Eater’s by Tatjana Soli opens  in 1975 as Saigon falls to North Vietnam. Helen, the protagonist, is a photojournalist from the West staying in Saigon to capture the devastation […]