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Old masters: David

The 18th century gave birth to the modern world, but it proved to be a most bellicose and disturbing parent, for this period proved to be the climax of more than a millennium of serfdom, church control and totalitarianism.     InĀ  France, the peasants marched on Paris, citizens stormed the Bastille, the army turned […]

Old masters: Rembrandt

The greatest of the Dutch painters   The Eighty Years War, in which the Netherlands shrugged off the shackles of Hapsburg domination under Spain, energised the former to such an extent that the rebel states became a military and cultural force in Europe.   It was perhaps the most artistic period in history. The houses […]

Old masters: Goya

Spain has been a great contributor to Western art. Spanish artists were influenced by the Renaissance movements of Italy, the flourishing of French art, as well as by their Moorish heritage.     When one speaks of Spanish art three principle figures spring to mind: El Greco, Velasquez and Goya. And when one thinks of […]